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The history of French Beaded Flowers goes back as far as the Napoleonic era where artisans, who spent their days bead embroidering clothing of the upper class, would save the imperfect beads for use in the creation of these delicate, beaded flower sculptures.

Our French Beaded Flower class is centered around the creation of a single, perfect long stem rose and leaves. Students will become familiarized with the best materials to use for this art form and will learn the essentials of petal and leaf construction. The completed flower can then either be used in a floral arrangement, millinery, jewelry, or many other creative applications.

French beaded flower rose seed beads

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Where?  The class will be held in Columbus, Ohio, and the exact address will be announced to students after registration closes and the number of students is known. It will be a convenient, safe location with ample parking. 

When?   Saturday, May 30th, 2015. The entire class will run from 12 noon - 4pm

french beaded flower rose seed beads

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