Tambour beading class in columbus ohio

Love beads but don’t know what to do with them yet? No problem, I have you covered! I’ll be teaching some great classes at the Columbus College of Art and Design this summer to get you motivated and educated to create your own beaded and embroidered masterpieces. We received a lot of great feedback from students and faculty at the college regarding the Couture Style Beadwork class that I taught last summer and so the college requested that I teach a two week intensive workshop this summer!

tambour beadwork couture beadwork

An Example of a Project That Was Made From Techniques Taught in the Couture Style Beadwork Class

Couture Style Beadwork

Learn to produce professional quality bead work for use in the garment industry and beyond. Students will learn traditional Old World techniques, which were used from the Belle Epoque to the Jazz Age and are still utilized by the great couture houses today. Examples of topics which will be covered are how to avoid the top mistakes made by novice garment beaders, proper needle and thread selection, how to choose appropriate beads for your fabric selection, a brief history of couture beading, french tambour beading, sequins, loom work, fringe and edging techniques, and a variety of hand-stitches. This course will include plenty of hands on practice and students will create a unique sampler of the primary garment beading techniques. These methods can then be applied to premade commercial clothing or a designer’s original work.
All supplies are included in the cost of tuition. No prior knowledge necessary, but good eyesight and steady hands are helpful.

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And we are also debuting a new class in the art of thread embroidery!

 Silk Embroidery Class in Ohio

Introduction to Surface Embroidery

In this beginner level class, students will learn basics such how to correctly set up an embroidery frame, how to transfer a design, proper needle and thread selections, and a brief history of embroidery. Two suites of needlework techniques will be combined to make an exquisite sampler in a Tudor era design. In the silk embroidery portion of the class, techniques such as silk shading (needle painting), stem stitch, and satin stitch will be executed in high quality French silk threads, which have been produced at the same factory since 1820. The second portion of the class will address with gold work. Students will utilize genuine metal threads (purl/bouillion and passing threads) in the traditional British manner with techniques such as couching, laid work, burden stitch, and padding to execute this timeless design. Material learned in this class is a wonderful complement to garment creation, the study of historic fashion, ecclesiastical embroidery, and many other artistic applications. All supplies are included in the cost of tuition. No prior knowledge necessary, but good eyesight and steady hands are helpful.

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CCAD beadwork class columbus ohio

Students work on beadwork in CCAD’s beautiful Design Building.

Both classes are taught in the beautiful second floor studio of the Broad Street Design building in downtown Columbus, Ohio. It has amazing natural light and is wonderfully supported with two large flatscreen TVs for video and illustration viewing. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to learn two nearly forgotten art forms!

I look forward to seeing you this summer!