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Full Curriculum of Or Nué – Medieval Goldwork Embroidery Course is Now Live!

We have fought through Covid-19 and the unpredictable challenges of a historic house renovation to at long last bring you the completion of this highly anticipated and unique 3 chapter, hour long course. Please click the link below to purchase Or Nué – Medieval Goldwork Embroidery.

Next up, we resume production work on our Tambour Beading Course, available for special early registry pricing now!


ONLINE CLASS – Or Nué – Medieval Goldwork Embroidery

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Online Tambour Beading Class Chapter One is Now Live!

Hello Students,

Chapter One: Introduction and History is now live on our private online class landing page. If you are registered, please visit the private online class page that was emailed to you upon purchase of the class and enter your password.

If you have not signed up yet, please follow this link to register and lock in the best rice for this class: Online Tambour Beading Class

Once all 3 segments are uploaded the class will revert for full price.

I am currently working on Chapter 2 and will email registered students as soon as it is uploaded to my website!

Chapter One of my Or Nué class is also currently online. Chapter Two will be released in the next couple of weeks. You may register for that class on medieval goldwork embroidery here: Online Or Nué Class

Thanks again for your support! Your registration means I can continue to create exciting new classes in beadwork and embroidery.


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Tambour Beading Online Class

I’m happy to announce we have opened early registration for the new tambour beading online series. Tambour work was used in 18th century garments and décor items, and it was also a very fashionable pastime associated with the ladies of the French court. This style of beading can be seen in flapper dresses and is now used extensively in the couture industry. My plan is to offer all the associated techniques and applications of tambour work that I am knowledgeable in, in a 2 course format. This initial course will be 3 videos covering the history, tools and materials, the basic technique, and how to use it to apply beads to fabric. The second course will be comprised of additional videos addressing silk embroidery and other various ribbon and fabric techniques.
I’ve been teaching tambour and other beading and embroidery arts for over 18 years and I am just now branching out to offer my knowledge via the internet. I am offering an early registration incentive on the price of the first tambour course while I am still finishing up the videos and before they go live. If you register now, you will be notified as each video is released and you will lock in the best price for the course.
Please check out my preview video below for details, or click this link to read more and register here: